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This is the end of a journey, a journey that gave us our first german and our first proofreader Q_Q It has been really fun working on sheep and I think we’ve grown a lot as a group from the time when we picked it up, quality wise…

Funnily enough, this is the first manga of Youichi Abe that has been licensed, (and they’re using the same title that Soul decided on) so we will stroke our e-peen and say that our amazing scanlation got the corporate overlords to license it :^)

If you have enjoyed sheep so far, please consider purchasing the english manga when it’s released. It’s the first Youichi Abe manga license, go buy and support so more of his works get licensed (-人-)

Also we may be dropping sheep but we’re also picking up a new manga, EVOL, by Atsushi Kaneko, here’s the first chapter blog post. Go read it. Now.

Thanks to Soul for proposing this and translating it from the start. Thanks to Stardust for helping with proofreading. Thanks to DarkStalls for typesetting (even though he stalls it into oblivion playing valorant instead of typesetting like a good little canadian sheep); we started experimenting with hand-written sfx in one of the earlier chapters and while it started off quite rough I think it has improved a lot. Oh gosh I’m getting sentimental.

I just checked the last sheep blog post and hahaHAHHA this took the canadian 3 months oh god DarkStalls truly lives up to his name. Canada is a disappointment to asians.

We really need more staff.

EVOL (Atsushi Kaneko) – Vol. 1 Ch 1

Life Sux [24/07/2021]

Work, sleep, work, sleep... what a dull existence 
Why even live?! 
No hopes, no dreams 
Everything’s predictable... 
Suicide is salvation 
But when you wake up in purgatory... 
...and it's the same world you left? 

One option left 
Let's turn this fuckin' world upside down

EVOL is the latest manga by Atsushi Kaneko, author of Soil, Wet Moon, Bambi, Search and Destroy etc. His style is really distinct and unique that you’d be able to recognise his work from a mile away. I’ve known about him for a while but only just recently read Soil and Bambi and finally got around to watching that Archipel mini-documentary/interview on him but I quickly fell in love with him and his works. I really recommend watching the video, it’s really well made and he’s super interesting, both as a mangaka and a person ^_^

Tatsuya Kitani released a music video in collaboration with Kaneko. The music is honestly pretty generic jpop stuff imo but the video is really cool. The lyrics should also give an idea of what the story is about.

Kaneko has also confirmed that the title comes from the Sonic Youth album of the same name as it was one of his favourite albums and he had wanted to use it for a manga title. Not really my type of music but In the Kingdom #19 is probably my favourite track, really gives the vibe that shit is about to go down, hard. Might be interesting to listen to the album while reading the manga (>y<)

The physicals look really sexy I might buy it later down the road if I end up liking the story. If you end up liking it too please consider purchasing them.

I don’t really read a lot of manga so I don’t really know a lot of cool authors and their works so thanks to Stardust for the based recommendations (っ^_^)っ Thanks to Soul and Stardust for speedy and Belteshazzar for those sexy sfx, even if he wasted his and my time trying to ‘help’ solve an integration question when he doesn’t even know how to factorise properly like the pino he is, also thanks to the ripper /a/non.

There are a ton of cool translated manga out there that we would like to work on but we really need more staff, typesetters/SFX Letterers are usually the bottleneck, I mean we only have 2/3 typesetters that are spread across all our projects… They do great work, don’t get me wrong but more decent letterers would be great. Physical scans cleaners would be amazing as well for our current and future projects™. I’m basically the only redrawer so another decent redrawer would be nice. Also translators. If you’re one of the 5 people who’s gonna end up reading this post and know how to do any of the above, pls apply in the discord. I won’t beg for staff after this chapter.

Houkago Teibou Nisshi – Vol. 5 Ch. 31

Deserted Island Part 3

This marks the end of Volume 5! This took way too long. I would like to say we haven’t uploaded a new chapter because mangadex went down but the truth is we are simply slow 🙂 I still remember saying we aim to catch up to the latest chapter by the end of 2020. hahahahhahahah…ha…

By the way we now have a google drive with zips of our previous chapters if you want to read teibou while mangadex is down. We’ll continue to upload the zips up onto the drive for convenience’s sake.

If you remember from a previous post I was planning to order teibou online to scan it. Well it arrived so we’ll be using the 600dpi scanned raws for Volume 6 and 7 and redo Volumes 1 through 5 after that.

Here’s an example of a scanned page. Here’s a link to the same page but from a digital source. Here’s the link to the whole of chapter 1 scanned. Feel free to zoom in and compare with the digital raws.

So basically TEIBOU NEEDS A CLEANER PLEASE. I don’t really know how to clean, I feel like I’m fucking the details up and I take like 10 minutes on a page. So please if there is any cleaners willing to help please contact me in the discord please thanks.

Dekoboko is 1 year old

Crazy to think that it’s only been a year since the group started, seriously feels like I’ve known some of these people for forever. I’m glad to have been part of this group from the start, getting to know a bunch of interesting people, staff and other members of the community alike from different parts of the world and I feel like I can just have a conversation about everything and nothing. I’m not good at expressing my thoughts or feelings but it’s just nice having a place to just rant about life, talk about random insignificant topics and most importantly VTUBERS. It’s really fun to discuss books, movies, games, random topics/videos and shitpost in our small community. Staff movie watchalongs, me streaming my zoom lessons were also fun times. Watching the hololive concerts and switching between twitch restreams from boxchad will always be a memory I will cherish. Being in this group of people that actually care about the quality of the work they produce, from translations, proofreading and editing and seeing the amount of work being put into this hobby is heartwarming and I think the result at the end of the day is something we can all be proud of. Thanks to all the staff, past and present for all the laughter and good memories, and well, let’s see how long we’re gonna last. (´υ`)

I think that’s all I have to say.

Hihi, it’s the group leader here. Wow, it’s been a year since I started this group huh. It started off as a small group of 4 focused on Otome no Harawata Hoshi no Iro before we expanded to other series and got more staff. Although there’s been some inner conflict and with staff joining and leaving, I would like to thank everyone who’s been a part of the group, past and present. 2020 was a tough year because of what was happening in the world but with this group, it felt like a second family to me and somewhere I could call home. I feel like the group is at a good and comfortable place right now but we could always need more help and I hope it stays that way in the future. Tbh, I thought this group would have died out a while ago not to say it won’t someday and the fact that we’re still somewhat active and able to provide quality work is impressive. Really, I couldn’t ask for much more from my fellow group members. Thank you to all the readers for reading the work we put, especially the ones who have been from the start and don’t pester us with questions like WHEN’S THE NEXT CHAPTER?! Here’s to hoping that we’ll able to continue to provide quality work for our current series and future series.

Look at this graph

The Last Cruise Vol. 1 Ch. 3

Thieving Magpie on the Lake [11/03/2021]

I want a hug so fucking bad too. :/ I want to feel wanted. I want to feel like everything’s gonna be fine. But life isn’t so nice. I think everybody has these thoughts sometimes so go hug your friend next time you see them or something cuz they may really need it. Huh? Coronavirus is still a thing? Well, go hug your mom or something.

This chapter really serves to provide some background on the type of person kojiri is; from the first chapter you’re still unsure, but from the flashbacks, dialogue and monologue from this and the previous chapter, she’s really just an innocent, goofy writer who got caught up in an unfortunate situation. She’s like a child in an adult’s body and her unapologetic childishness solidifies my endearment for her character.

I don’t know why his outfit is changing so much in a day but is the last one really necessary?? (´*`)

Also as kojiri talks about how to write a story and its characters, I realized that a manga artist is drawing a story about a scriptwriter writing the story for a drama.

And what if we are just some characters in a story? If you turned out to be a written character, will you be happy with how it turned out?

Well, see you next chapter, thanks as always to Soul, Stardust, Darkfire.

Houkago Teibou Nisshi – Vol. 5 Ch. 30

Deserted Island Part 2 [09/03/2021]

Our teibous are as cute as always. Hope you enjoyed the chapter and that it was worth the wait Hina kinda came full circle in her fishing journey, seeing how she almost got violated by a tako her first time meeting prez. Look at how much our little hina has grown (‘ω’)

Also if you’re interested in seeing the island in google earth, feel free to check out the previous post to see some comparisons.

Here are the fish that the teibos are targeting

they’re just finding any reason to bury their face into oono’s chest (◔_◔) I’m not jealous or anything

I hope you take some time to appreciate some of the sfx in the chapter, they do take time but I do believe that they add to the story and atmosphere. So here are some cool sfx, thanks to Belt and DarkStalls™.

Also I said that I was going to buy the volumes to scan last month but I was a dummy and read the availability status wrongly or I could be holding the volumes in my hand now. I just ordered the 7 volumes which should be here next month which should work out nicely since there’s one more chapter for Volume 6 then we’ll scan and use the physicals for Volume 7 onwards and then redo the earlier volumes after we catch up. Sorry for the longer and longer time between each chapter released, life is pain and we’re all busy with school or work.

Thanks to Songbird, me, Belteshazzar and DarkStalls™ and see you next chapter.

Sheeply Horned Witch Romi – Vol. 2 Ch. 14

Rewrites [07/03/2021]

Soooo the original senpai is rewriting the world in the manga club [which is a ultimately her soul, and in which their relationship can only exist, preserved into that room(?)] and he shat out another version of him to provide him with magic from slaying the avatars, which then found another version of sawada that has a consciousness……??? I’m as confused as you probably are but pocket sawada……look at it……it’s fucking beautiful……

The next raw chapter is out in about a month and the next translated chapter will be out in however long DarkStalls™ takes to typeset (`ω´)

Thanks to Soul, Stardust, DarkStalls and most importantly me

The Last Cruise – Vol. 1 Ch. 2

Spring, as reflected on the Lake [15/02/2021]

Second chapter released! This manga has a weird sense of humour to it that’s kind of endearing. Re-reading the chapter made me crack up a little, the internal monologue/mannerisms of Youko has a childishness to it that really makes you snickle.

her stupid face throughout the chapter makes me laugh

also some people were able to win a Old Castle shirt that was in the chapter when they bought the manga, I would get the manga but it’s currently out of stock at my local bookstore.

Every single character has a backstory, even the seemingly unimportant ones. Always keep that in mind.

Chapter 2

That’s a pretty good mindset to have! You never know what people have gone through and what story they have to tell so when you pass by them on the street/schools/restaurants so try to be kind to everyone!


Go read about responsible fishing and protecting wildlife and MOST IMPORTANTLY CUTE GIRLS FISHING at !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

her face and mannerisms are so fucking dumb but funny

and finally here’s yet another song recommendation from me that kinda fits the chapter

Thanks to Soul, Stardust, Darkfire for their work and see you next month (´∀`ゞ

Fluctuations of the Hitman S – Vol. 1 Ch. 7

After Rain [03/02/2021]
The last chapter of the first volume provides an introduction of a potential rival! Shotaro has a wholesome moment with Kiri-chan while she nurses him back to full health before they’re hit with the classic protagonist’s love interest having a fiance/fiancee.

Going off topic of the chapter, this post was supposed to be a way for us to reduce the irrelevant pages being added to the chapter we upload. As you may have noticed, all our releases had a credit page and recently we’ve added a recruitment page too. ***** brought up the idea of using Mangadex’s free hosting support of a blog to rant so I thought this would be a good chance to reduce the “unnecessary” pages being added to the chapter. So here we have it, we’ll be using blog posts of each chapter as our credit page so without further to do, thanks as always to Ruriri, Chingle, and our newest member of the team Øƶ!

These posts will also be used to share what our staff feel like sharing so this next part has nothing to do with the chapter. This was a haul I got a while back that I wanted to flex share to you guys!

Dorohedoro Vol 1-23 and Golden Kamuy Vol 1.

Heyhey, one of the translators here. Not the one who translates this series however. After stalling my part of this post for a week or so, I’m proud to flex my shit as well. Even in Japanese, though I doubt one would read the blog of a scanlation group in that case.

Most are based off sweet Stardust’s recommendations because I don’t really read much manga. Japanese manga are too cheap to pass up though so I got a whole bunch.

I guess that’s all there is to say for this post so if you’ve managed to read this far, thanks for reading and hopefully see you at our next post!

Houkago Teibou Nisshi – Vol. 5 Ch. 29

Deserted Island Part 1 [03/02/2021]

Start of the Deserted Island Arc and 3rd last chapter for Volume 5. Tbh this chapter was stalled for about a month because I lost all motivation for typesetting it. Thanks dark for doing most of the work <3.

After finding out about the gloriousness of my local bookstore and the high quality images debinding and scanning a manga results in, we are planning on buying the physical volume of Volume 6 and 7 to scan them. Hopefully it restocks in the store soon… Scanning is a bitch though, took me ~3 hours to get through scanning a volume. Tested scanning on an old Food Wars tank that I got from Japan a long time ago and a new Danberu Vol. 11 that I bought at the bookstore the other day. Went pretty well, especially for danberu since the raws ripped from urasunday sites we were using are super shit.

Yom’s tights book and kuroboshi papa’s new artbook (´ρ`)

Here’s the difference between the raws we had from urasunday and the scanned version.


The site compresses the images so if you view image in new tab it doesn’t show the true quality ;-;

But yeah the difference in quality was immediately noticeable, screentones that were destroyed in image compression in their site, destroyed line art etc. The teibou raws we are using now thanks to Rusty are not as bad as the danberu ones but could be better. (It could always be better, scanned raws will always give the best quality) and after realising that I have access to physical japanese manga and a printer/scanner that can scan up to 9400dpi, I obviously wanted to use scanned physical raws for all our projects. Not sure how many readers might even notice the difference in quality, this is just to satisfy myself.

Now on to the chapter, fun as always. You might have known that the town that they live in is modeled after Ashikita Town in the Kumamoto Prefecture, where the author had lived in. Here’s a map of the locations from a twitter user and some examples:

If you can tell from the map, yes the island they’re fishing in is modeled after a real location! I went into google earth and looked around, (I might be wrong about the fishing port but) here’s some screenshots:

Chapter 28
Here’s the fishing port that they departed from!
Chapter 29
and here’s the island from google earth!

You can see the similarities in the pictures, from the island docking area (?) not exactly sure what they’re called, and those rings. My guess is they’re fish farming facilities.

and it is really close to the fishing port! only about 1.95km from the fishing port.

Prez is always forgetting stuff but it’s a nice gateway to teaching Hina more ways of fishing. I just a young’un so I don’t have experience fishing at all so I can’t comment on how accurate the information is. But Hina’s fishing for mackerel’s this chapter, but instead of using bait, Hina has to use a sabiki hook and a metal jig. As usual, Hina has trouble fishing initially but learns that fishing takes adapting and figuring out yourself, one must change how one fishes in different conditions. But her growth compared to when she just started is always heartwarming. And well that’s what hobbies are all about, constantly learning and improving yourself and having fun while you’re at it.

They introduce the concept of fish shelves, “drag” and how to fish for mackerels with sabiki jigs and flounders.

horse mackerels
sabiki jig
funny lookin flounder

And they’re all still using the felt doll keychain to identify their bottles, cute!

And finally Hina has qualms taking a piss in the dirty traditional toilet. The image of Natsumi taking a dump in the grass is nice though.

Thanks to Songbird and Darkfire for their work, and see you next chapter which probably won’t be for a while since I’m back at school, Dark is also busy with school and our other projects and Belt’s monitor is broken. ┐(´~`)┌ welp