EVOL (Atsushi Kaneko) – Vol. 1 Ch 1

Life Sux [24/07/2021]

Work, sleep, work, sleep... what a dull existence 
Why even live?! 
No hopes, no dreams 
Everything’s predictable... 
Suicide is salvation 
But when you wake up in purgatory... 
...and it's the same world you left? 

One option left 
Let's turn this fuckin' world upside down

EVOL is the latest manga by Atsushi Kaneko, author of Soil, Wet Moon, Bambi, Search and Destroy etc. His style is really distinct and unique that you’d be able to recognise his work from a mile away. I’ve known about him for a while but only just recently read Soil and Bambi and finally got around to watching that Archipel mini-documentary/interview on him but I quickly fell in love with him and his works. I really recommend watching the video, it’s really well made and he’s super interesting, both as a mangaka and a person ^_^

Tatsuya Kitani released a music video in collaboration with Kaneko. The music is honestly pretty generic jpop stuff imo but the video is really cool. The lyrics should also give an idea of what the story is about.

Kaneko has also confirmed that the title comes from the Sonic Youth album of the same name as it was one of his favourite albums and he had wanted to use it for a manga title. Not really my type of music but In the Kingdom #19 is probably my favourite track, really gives the vibe that shit is about to go down, hard. Might be interesting to listen to the album while reading the manga (>y<)

The physicals look really sexy I might buy it later down the road if I end up liking the story. If you end up liking it too please consider purchasing them.

I don’t really read a lot of manga so I don’t really know a lot of cool authors and their works so thanks to Stardust for the based recommendations (っ^_^)っ Thanks to Soul and Stardust for speedy and Belteshazzar for those sexy sfx, even if he wasted his and my time trying to ‘help’ solve an integration question when he doesn’t even know how to factorise properly like the pino he is, also thanks to the ripper /a/non.

There are a ton of cool translated manga out there that we would like to work on but we really need more staff, typesetters/SFX Letterers are usually the bottleneck, I mean we only have 2/3 typesetters that are spread across all our projects… They do great work, don’t get me wrong but more decent letterers would be great. Physical scans cleaners would be amazing as well for our current and future projects™. I’m basically the only redrawer so another decent redrawer would be nice. Also translators. If you’re one of the 5 people who’s gonna end up reading this post and know how to do any of the above, pls apply in the discord. I won’t beg for staff after this chapter.

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  1. This is great! I absolutely love atsushi kaneko and i´ll read anything he does, you´ve made a follower out of me! thanks!

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