The Last Cruise Vol. 1 Ch. 3

Thieving Magpie on the Lake [11/03/2021]

I want a hug so fucking bad too. :/ I want to feel wanted. I want to feel like everything’s gonna be fine. But life isn’t so nice. I think everybody has these thoughts sometimes so go hug your friend next time you see them or something cuz they may really need it. Huh? Coronavirus is still a thing? Well, go hug your mom or something.

This chapter really serves to provide some background on the type of person kojiri is; from the first chapter you’re still unsure, but from the flashbacks, dialogue and monologue from this and the previous chapter, she’s really just an innocent, goofy writer who got caught up in an unfortunate situation. She’s like a child in an adult’s body and her unapologetic childishness solidifies my endearment for her character.

I don’t know why his outfit is changing so much in a day but is the last one really necessary?? (´*`)

Also as kojiri talks about how to write a story and its characters, I realized that a manga artist is drawing a story about a scriptwriter writing the story for a drama.

And what if we are just some characters in a story? If you turned out to be a written character, will you be happy with how it turned out?

Well, see you next chapter, thanks as always to Soul, Stardust, Darkfire.

Houkago Teibou Nisshi – Vol. 5 Ch. 30

Deserted Island Part 2 [09/03/2021]

Our teibous are as cute as always. Hope you enjoyed the chapter and that it was worth the wait Hina kinda came full circle in her fishing journey, seeing how she almost got violated by a tako her first time meeting prez. Look at how much our little hina has grown (‘ω’)

Also if you’re interested in seeing the island in google earth, feel free to check out the previous post to see some comparisons.

Here are the fish that the teibos are targeting

they’re just finding any reason to bury their face into oono’s chest (◔_◔) I’m not jealous or anything

I hope you take some time to appreciate some of the sfx in the chapter, they do take time but I do believe that they add to the story and atmosphere. So here are some cool sfx, thanks to Belt and DarkStalls™.

Also I said that I was going to buy the volumes to scan last month but I was a dummy and read the availability status wrongly or I could be holding the volumes in my hand now. I just ordered the 7 volumes which should be here next month which should work out nicely since there’s one more chapter for Volume 6 then we’ll scan and use the physicals for Volume 7 onwards and then redo the earlier volumes after we catch up. Sorry for the longer and longer time between each chapter released, life is pain and we’re all busy with school or work.

Thanks to Songbird, me, Belteshazzar and DarkStalls™ and see you next chapter.

Sheeply Horned Witch Romi – Vol. 2 Ch. 14

Rewrites [07/03/2021]

Soooo the original senpai is rewriting the world in the manga club [which is a ultimately her soul, and in which their relationship can only exist, preserved into that room(?)] and he shat out another version of him to provide him with magic from slaying the avatars, which then found another version of sawada that has a consciousness……??? I’m as confused as you probably are but pocket sawada……look at it……it’s fucking beautiful……

The next raw chapter is out in about a month and the next translated chapter will be out in however long DarkStalls™ takes to typeset (`ω´)

Thanks to Soul, Stardust, DarkStalls and most importantly me