Sheeply-Horned Witch Romi – update 2.15.1

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This is the end of a journey, a journey that gave us our first german and our first proofreader Q_Q It has been really fun working on sheep and I think we’ve grown a lot as a group from the time when we picked it up, quality wise…

Funnily enough, this is the first manga of Youichi Abe that has been licensed, (and they’re using the same title that Soul decided on) so we will stroke our e-peen and say that our amazing scanlation got the corporate overlords to license it :^)

If you have enjoyed sheep so far, please consider purchasing the english manga when it’s released. It’s the first Youichi Abe manga license, go buy and support so more of his works get licensed (-人-)

Also we may be dropping sheep but we’re also picking up a new manga, EVOL, by Atsushi Kaneko, here’s the first chapter blog post. Go read it. Now.

Thanks to Soul for proposing this and translating it from the start. Thanks to Stardust for helping with proofreading. Thanks to DarkStalls for typesetting (even though he stalls it into oblivion playing valorant instead of typesetting like a good little canadian sheep); we started experimenting with hand-written sfx in one of the earlier chapters and while it started off quite rough I think it has improved a lot. Oh gosh I’m getting sentimental.

I just checked the last sheep blog post and hahaHAHHA this took the canadian 3 months oh god DarkStalls truly lives up to his name. Canada is a disappointment to asians.

We really need more staff.

Sheeply Horned Witch Romi – Vol. 2 Ch. 14

Rewrites [07/03/2021]

Soooo the original senpai is rewriting the world in the manga club [which is a ultimately her soul, and in which their relationship can only exist, preserved into that room(?)] and he shat out another version of him to provide him with magic from slaying the avatars, which then found another version of sawada that has a consciousness……??? I’m as confused as you probably are but pocket sawada……look at it……it’s fucking beautiful……

The next raw chapter is out in about a month and the next translated chapter will be out in however long DarkStalls™ takes to typeset (`ω´)

Thanks to Soul, Stardust, DarkStalls and most importantly me