Fluctuations of the Hitman S – Vol. 1 Ch. 7

After Rain [03/02/2021]
The last chapter of the first volume provides an introduction of a potential rival! Shotaro has a wholesome moment with Kiri-chan while she nurses him back to full health before they’re hit with the classic protagonist’s love interest having a fiance/fiancee.

Going off topic of the chapter, this post was supposed to be a way for us to reduce the irrelevant pages being added to the chapter we upload. As you may have noticed, all our releases had a credit page and recently we’ve added a recruitment page too. ***** brought up the idea of using Mangadex’s free hosting support of a blog to rant so I thought this would be a good chance to reduce the “unnecessary” pages being added to the chapter. So here we have it, we’ll be using blog posts of each chapter as our credit page so without further to do, thanks as always to Ruriri, Chingle, and our newest member of the team Øƶ!

These posts will also be used to share what our staff feel like sharing so this next part has nothing to do with the chapter. This was a haul I got a while back that I wanted to flex share to you guys!

Dorohedoro Vol 1-23 and Golden Kamuy Vol 1.

Heyhey, one of the translators here. Not the one who translates this series however. After stalling my part of this post for a week or so, I’m proud to flex my shit as well. Even in Japanese, though I doubt one would read the blog of a scanlation group in that case.

Most are based off sweet Stardust’s recommendations because I don’t really read much manga. Japanese manga are too cheap to pass up though so I got a whole bunch.

I guess that’s all there is to say for this post so if you’ve managed to read this far, thanks for reading and hopefully see you at our next post!