The Last Cruise – Vol. 1 Ch. 2

Spring, as reflected on the Lake [15/02/2021]

Second chapter released! This manga has a weird sense of humour to it that’s kind of endearing. Re-reading the chapter made me crack up a little, the internal monologue/mannerisms of Youko has a childishness to it that really makes you snickle.

her stupid face throughout the chapter makes me laugh

also some people were able to win a Old Castle shirt that was in the chapter when they bought the manga, I would get the manga but it’s currently out of stock at my local bookstore.

Every single character has a backstory, even the seemingly unimportant ones. Always keep that in mind.

Chapter 2

That’s a pretty good mindset to have! You never know what people have gone through and what story they have to tell so when you pass by them on the street/schools/restaurants so try to be kind to everyone!


Go read about responsible fishing and protecting wildlife and MOST IMPORTANTLY CUTE GIRLS FISHING at !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

her face and mannerisms are so fucking dumb but funny

and finally here’s yet another song recommendation from me that kinda fits the chapter

Thanks to Soul, Stardust, Darkfire for their work and see you next month (´∀`ゞ

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