The Last Cruise Vol. 1 Ch. 4-7

Hotel on the Lakeside
Speed YK Re-Mix
Love’s Mechanisms or the Dream Theater
Drunken Love

Things are starting to heat up. This marks the end of volume 1, hope you have enjoyed it so far. We’ll be doing volume 2 of the last cruise before starting another series of his, Hotel California, which is his magnum opus, or so I’ve been told.

He looks like a cool uncle that’d you have beer with. Here’s his manben episode with urasawa; Soul said he found out about him through that.

EVOL – Vol. 1 Ch. 2


Here’s an interview with kaneko. The german doesn’t feel like translating it now cuz he’s lazy busy watching better call saul. He might get to it later on for us english peasants but if you’re nihongo jouzu you can go and have fun reading it.

I’m uber tired today so I’m not gonna write much… The next chapter is already translated, proofread and cleaned, just gonna be waiting for ts for the next randint(1,4) weeks (cuz of other series); join as a typesetter if you wanna speed things up (´~`) Also there are a bunch of pages with graffiti in chapter 5, some redrawing help would be appreciated cuz I’m gonna be busy with exams when we’re there.

I finally caught up to Deathco too, it’s fun.

Sheeply-Horned Witch Romi – update 2.15.1

Chapter 15 Download
Chapter 1-15 Download


This is the end of a journey, a journey that gave us our first german and our first proofreader Q_Q It has been really fun working on sheep and I think we’ve grown a lot as a group from the time when we picked it up, quality wise…

Funnily enough, this is the first manga of Youichi Abe that has been licensed, (and they’re using the same title that Soul decided on) so we will stroke our e-peen and say that our amazing scanlation got the corporate overlords to license it :^)

If you have enjoyed sheep so far, please consider purchasing the english manga when it’s released. It’s the first Youichi Abe manga license, go buy and support so more of his works get licensed (-人-)

Also we may be dropping sheep but we’re also picking up a new manga, EVOL, by Atsushi Kaneko, here’s the first chapter blog post. Go read it. Now.

Thanks to Soul for proposing this and translating it from the start. Thanks to Stardust for helping with proofreading. Thanks to DarkStalls for typesetting (even though he stalls it into oblivion playing valorant instead of typesetting like a good little canadian sheep); we started experimenting with hand-written sfx in one of the earlier chapters and while it started off quite rough I think it has improved a lot. Oh gosh I’m getting sentimental.

I just checked the last sheep blog post and hahaHAHHA this took the canadian 3 months oh god DarkStalls truly lives up to his name. Canada is a disappointment to asians.

We really need more staff.