Dekoboko is 1 year old

Crazy to think that it’s only been a year since the group started, seriously feels like I’ve known some of these people for forever. I’m glad to have been part of this group from the start, getting to know a bunch of interesting people, staff and other members of the community alike from different parts of the world and I feel like I can just have a conversation about everything and nothing. I’m not good at expressing my thoughts or feelings but it’s just nice having a place to just rant about life, talk about random insignificant topics and most importantly VTUBERS. It’s really fun to discuss books, movies, games, random topics/videos and shitpost in our small community. Staff movie watchalongs, me streaming my zoom lessons were also fun times. Watching the hololive concerts and switching between twitch restreams from boxchad will always be a memory I will cherish. Being in this group of people that actually care about the quality of the work they produce, from translations, proofreading and editing and seeing the amount of work being put into this hobby is heartwarming and I think the result at the end of the day is something we can all be proud of. Thanks to all the staff, past and present for all the laughter and good memories, and well, let’s see how long we’re gonna last. (´υ`)

I think that’s all I have to say.

Hihi, it’s the group leader here. Wow, it’s been a year since I started this group huh. It started off as a small group of 4 focused on Otome no Harawata Hoshi no Iro before we expanded to other series and got more staff. Although there’s been some inner conflict and with staff joining and leaving, I would like to thank everyone who’s been a part of the group, past and present. 2020 was a tough year because of what was happening in the world but with this group, it felt like a second family to me and somewhere I could call home. I feel like the group is at a good and comfortable place right now but we could always need more help and I hope it stays that way in the future. Tbh, I thought this group would have died out a while ago not to say it won’t someday and the fact that we’re still somewhat active and able to provide quality work is impressive. Really, I couldn’t ask for much more from my fellow group members. Thank you to all the readers for reading the work we put, especially the ones who have been from the start and don’t pester us with questions like WHEN’S THE NEXT CHAPTER?! Here’s to hoping that we’ll able to continue to provide quality work for our current series and future series.

Look at this graph

Hello World

Dekoboko Scanlations now has a blog. How exciting.

There really isn’t any reason for this blog’s existence other than the fact that it’s a free service that Mangadex is providing and I felt that it would be interesting to post updates on a blog/website and the staff could write up some thoughts about the chapters and series we work on as we release them. For example for teibou, i thought it would be interesting to research/post about the different type of fishes that they catch or cultural references that wasn’t discussed in depth in the manga. The translator for teibou also wrote up long analyses of the characters and how he plans to translate their dialogue for teibou before we released our first chapter and it would be a shame not to share it.

I’m not really good at writing up stuff and my social skills are non-existent so the future of this blog is uncertain. It may be abandoned as a result of negligence after a short while or it’ll be updated but with incredibly brief thoughts and end up turning into just an update blog that serves no purpose and becomes completely irrelevant. I really don’t know but I hope the staff might be interested in posting about their thoughts of the series we are working on. Be it clarifying translation stuff, showing off our redrawing/typesetting efforts that may otherwise be looked over, I have zero expectations about this blog and doubt that anyone would even read it so I hope we just have fun.

Man, writing down stuff is hard and I’m already cringing at myself thinking about the people that are going to read this. I’m just writing whatever pops in my head but it’s somehow coming out stiffer and sounds like I’m trying to write a essay for a lit exam. Ah whatever. This small scanlation group is pretty comfy with the small number of staff we have and we like and are passionate (probably) about the projects we work on. It’s a pretty tight-knit group where I can unleash my autism and rant about irl and random stuff that nobody cares about. Oh wait they probably don’t care too. :'(

I would say that the quality of our scanlation is better than average what with the average now being shit white box redrawing and anime ace typesetting. I hope that our group can keep up the good work and continue having fun working on the series. I personally can’t be arsed about the readers and I’m just doing this as a hobby. I hope it stays that way. Anyways, the series that we will be working on in 2021 are

And lastly we’re picking up a new project that will be released soon! And obligatory shill – we’re always looking for new translators, good proofreaders, typesetters and redrawers to take on some load and to start new projects, apply in the discord if interested.

It’s a new year and I hope things go well.