Makoto Oono

Translator Notes

The quiet, demure senpai who’s a bit shy but her overall experience as the fishmonger’s daughter (and her huge size) has helped bring her the confidence to overcome familiar trials. She can’t swim, though. And just because she’s a country bumpkin doesn’t make her impolite or dumb!

1. She will be surprisingly erudite! Especially in regards to fishing (or other hobbies). But, just because she’s picking the right words to describe what she’s talking about…doesn’t mean she won’t p’nounce ’em a bit funny. Som’times. But that’s where the accent details itself with her; it’s not so much word selection as it is actual pronunciation. She will be choosing the correct word and the correct phrasing…she just might not speak it fully. She is a little shy, too, you know!

2. While Yuuki is constantly simplifying speech and being vague, Oono will be more specific and exploratory in her speech pattern. Not long-winded (like I am), but she understands it’s impolite to not leave questions if you’re explaining something. But, again, she’s a high school girl, not a politician. She’s still going to speak like a 16-year-old…teen housewife that she may be!

3. While Yuuki might describe people (baldy, ‘stache, fatso) or vaguely (girls, kiddos, spinster) or by their last name, Oono may also be more general in her consultations. Miss, Ma’am, Sir, given her more servicing nature. She will more likely use a name (Hina, Natsumi) in place of a pronoun.