Youkaku no Majoromi – ABE Youichi

A manga adaption of an anonymously sub The only things that are still awake in this world are sheep, me, and her. It’s a decadent romantic created by a genius!

One day humanity fell asleep and the only ones still awake are me and my cheeky junior Sawada who transformed into a witch. The romantic comedy of those two is about to awake in this deteriorating world where everything’s asleep!

Oneshot – Everyone’s first ejaculation „Falsetto”

A manga adaption of an anonymously submitted short story about a boy’s first ejaculation.

Oogami-san, Dadamore Desu

My privates, don’t expose yourself!! “How does it work for boys?” I, Oogami, am absorbed in erotic things while trying to keep my interest hidden. If I were to be found out, I wouldn’t be able to stay alive… While I feel ashamed, I can still live peacefully. But after coming across Yaginuma-kun in class, my sex drive has exposed itself! I want to touch him but I can’t! This erotic love comedy of naive misconceptions of puberty is shooting at full force!

Oneshot – Noboru Kotera-san Bangaihen

A special extra chapter of Noboru Kotera-san in celebration of it’s live-action movie adaption featuring characters from Coffee-sensei’s later serialization, Wondance.