Tsurugi Hina

Translator Notes

Given her background as a more urban girl who is shy, indoorsy, with a love of cute things and crafts, and the placement in a rural setting, I’ll be phrasing her mostly

1. without colloquialisms, contractions, and an always-polite phrasing. Of all the characters, she’ll be the most literary. This does not mean she won’t use contractions or be short with people (she is a 15-year-old high school girl), just that when people read her dialogue, it won’t be “Southern.”

2. Lighthearted and demure. Unless its explicit in the RAW, I don’t want her (or anyone, really) swearing or being vulgar.

3. She’s already proven that she’s putting effort into overcoming her fears of creatures, so as time progresses, I will slowly allow her a more casual style-of-speech with the other members. Virtually eliminating all honorifics, and calling everyone by their name.