EVOL – Vol. 1 Ch. 2


Here’s an interview with kaneko. The german doesn’t feel like translating it now cuz he’s lazy busy watching better call saul. He might get to it later on for us english peasants but if you’re nihongo jouzu you can go and have fun reading it.

I’m uber tired today so I’m not gonna write much… The next chapter is already translated, proofread and cleaned, just gonna be waiting for ts for the next randint(1,4) weeks (cuz of other series); join as a typesetter if you wanna speed things up (´~`) Also there are a bunch of pages with graffiti in chapter 5, some redrawing help would be appreciated cuz I’m gonna be busy with exams when we’re there.

I finally caught up to Deathco too, it’s fun.

2 thoughts on “EVOL – Vol. 1 Ch. 2”

  1. Awesome! thank you so much for keeping up with this series, I´m enjoying the hell out of it!

    1. Thanks, glad people like our releases! A lot of effort was put into them from every staff member :3

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