Himeanole Vol. 1 Ch. 1 – The Janitor


Discovered this manga a long time ago because the covers and synopsis was cool, downloaded the public raws which was rat’s ass, didn’t even know the mangaka at the time until I randomly found Saltiness on mangadex’s recent manga page and fucking loved it. Thanks to the bernd mafia, go check it out.

Thanks to illuminati-manga for scanning and cleaning, they just celebrated their 16th year anniversary, it’s crazy but also an honour to be working with a group that is literally just a year younger than I am.

It’s totally fine to have no grand ambition in your life and just dedicate your life to your hobbies btw! Unless your hobby is scanlation, then maybe you should have a good look in the mirror and re-evaluate your life choices and apologise to your mother for being such a disappointment and then seek psychiatric help. Also go clean your room.

I leave you a Cioran quote.

“I don’t understand why we must do things in this world, why we must have friends and aspirations, hopes and dreams. Wouldn’t it be better to retreat to a faraway corner of the world, where all its noise and complications would be heard no more? Then we could renounce culture and ambitions; we would lose everything and gain nothing; for what is there to be gained from this world?”

2 thoughts on “Himeanole Vol. 1 Ch. 1 – The Janitor”

  1. Cioran is actually quite perfect for Minoru Furuya manga. Did you know that his favorite way to pass the time as a kid was to hang out with his town’s gravedigger?

    1. I can totally imagine that ^_^. All I remember about my childhood is studying and getting beaten.

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